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Riding Horses to Hounds

The FRVH Masters, Huntsman, Staff, and Sr. Members will conduct an introductory workshop on the history and traditions of Fox Hunting. This event is sponsored by the Fox River Valley Hound Heritage Foundation for the purpose of education and inclusion of the larger local equestrian community. Horses and riders will have an opportunity to experience riding in a group of horses with Fox Hounds and staff with instruction and awareness of safety and etiquette in the field. Four groups are offered to accommodate age of rider, age of horse, riding experience and fox hunting experience.

The workshop will give riders and/or horses novice to fox hunting a taste of the horse and hound experience. A chance to ride in the open on varied terrain with multiple horses amidst the sights and sounds of fox hounds working in unison along with the Huntsman and his horn.

Unmounted Instruction will cover the history of fox hunting, the significance and importance of required attire, the safety aspects embedded in the rules, and etiquette required in the field. Pre and post age appropriate reading will be sent out.

Group 1: Novice Junior Riders on Seasoned Ponies/Horses:  

Group 2: Adult Novice Riders on Seasoned Horses

Walk only, juniors will ride with Sr. hunt members as chaperones.

Emphasis will be on settling horses and riders in the context of the group, safe spacing between horses, awareness and respect for hounds on the ground. Use of fox hunting terms for communicating to the field in a line: Ware hole, ware rock, ware hounds ware staff, etc. Learn to turn and change direction as a group on path. Learn respect for Field Master and peers in the Field, to always turn and face staff, and necessary communication with Field Master – Before, during and after the ride

Group 3: Experienced Fox Hunt Riders on Green/Young Horses:

Emphasis will be on settling horses in the context of the group. Introducing the green horse to sights, smells, and sounds of multiple horses, fox hounds, horn sounds, various terrain and wild life.

Group 4: Experienced Competitive Horse/Rider Pair Novice to Fox Hunting:

These riders are on well-schooled otherwise trained horses, wanting exposure to a moderate hound exercise experience. i.e. competitive riders in HJ, eventing, endurance, games, etc.

The workshop will build and progress in pace and difficulty, some riders may choose to build on their experience and continue to ride on with 1 or more of the groups. 

The Brinker Hill Farm is the ideal property for this type of Meet. Their farm consists of varied terrain, allowing views for spectators. The size is ideal for managing riders at all levels with an opportunity to traverse the property in 3-4 passes accommodating all groups.

The stirrup cup lesson, traditional Hunt breakfast following the workshop and unmounted lessons will be in Kelcey Roberts’ idyllic cabin-pond setting.

Cost: This workshop is offered free of charge to local Equestrians with some riding experience in the open with other horses. Safe, sound horses, appropriate riding tack and attire is required. Advanced registration and liability waivers are also required. Jrs. under 18 must have guardian approval, children under 16 must have an adult guardian on ground that day.  

Juniors are the future of fox hunting and we welcome English riding juniors from all disciplines. For safety reasons FRVH will require that all juniors join us along with the recommendation of a known Horse Trainer, Pony Club DC, or FRVH Riding member.

Unmounted lessons and spectating on foot is open to all!

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